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Malayalee House

Malayalee House
Malayalee House
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Malayalee House is the first and current season of the South Indian Malayalam reality TV show which is telecast on the Surya TV. Malayalee House is the South Indian Malayalam edition of Big Brother (TV series). The season started from 5 May 2013.Revathi is the host for the show.

Malayalee House 

is a reality TV programme broadcast by Surya TV in KeralaIndiafrom 5 May 2013. It follows a format similar to the Big Boss reality show which is popular in India.About[edit]


Malayalee House is a reality show based on the original Dutch Big Brother format developed by John de Mol. A number of contestants (known as "residents") live in apurpose-built house and are isolated from the rest of the world. Each week, residents nominate one among them for eviction, and the residents who receives the most nominations will have to leave the house. The residents in Malayalee House are famous personalities in their respective fields. All the rooms in Malayalee house are locked in the beginning of the show. A room will be opened when a contestant gets evicted. The room to be opened after an eviction will be decided by the contestants through voting.

The House

The Malayalee House is built exclusively for the show at a Film Studio in Hyderabad owned by Actor Nagarjuna.. The house is traditional, well-furnished and equipped but all the rooms remain closed in the beginning of the show. The open area at the center of the house (Nadumuttam) is the center place for all Malayalee house activities. There is a kitchen, prayer room, and several bedrooms in the house.The House has no TVconnection, no phones, no Internet connection, clocks, pen or paper. residents are overseen by 30 close circuit cameras 24x7. The house is installed with LCD displays/speakers through which instructions are given to the contestants. The cameras are even hidden behind mirrors. The contestants has already named all the cameras and the main camera is called "Kanthaari".


The show consists of 16 ‘residents’ who live together with the main intention of creating a home out of the space provided to them. At the start of the show, the residents move into a house wherein the courtyard and garden areas are only open for use. As the weeks pass by, the residents must open out the remaining portions of the house, by evicting themselves unanimously with the help of a live audience who will enter the house to facilitate this process.While all the rules have never been told to the audience, the most prominent ones are clearly seen. The inmates are asked to converse only in Malayalam. They are not supposed to tamper with any of the electronic equipment or any other thing in the House. They cannot leave the House premises unless they are evicted or due special reasons (e.g. medical). The contestants are assigned various tasks by the show makers from time to time. The tasks include cleaning the house, daily news reading and other entertainment activities.


The main television coverage takes the form of a daily highlights programme that is aired on Surya TV at 8:00 PM (Mon-Fri). Everyday's episodes contain the main happenings of the previous day. The extra video footage that are not part of the daily episode are aired at 10:30 PM on the same day called Malayalee House -Kaanakazhchakal. The episodes are also uploaded to Surya TV YouTube Channel[1]

Housemate pattern

CliqueSeason 1
PoliticsSindhu Joy
SingerChitra Iyer
Harisankar Kalavoor
Sherrin Varghese
AnchorRahul Easwar
IntellectualG. S. Pradeep
Film MakerSojan Joseph
Fashion ChoreographerDalu Krishnadas
ActressNeena Kurup
Sneha Nambiar
Bindu Varappuzha
ActorNarayanan Kutty
Santhosh Pandit
ModelRosin Jolly
Sandeep Menon
Thinkal Bhal

Eviction by the inmates[edit]

In 1st week Bindu Varapuzha was eliminated for 11 votes. In 2nd week Akshitha was eliminated for 9 votes. In 4th week Santhosh Pandit was eliminated for 6 votes hoewever due to huge public support he came viz wild card entry in 5th week itself.

Up for public eviction the most times[edit]

Evictions facedHousemate(s)
4                           sasha
2Thinkal Bhal , Rosin Jolly
1G. S. Pradeep , Narayanan Kutty , Chitra Iyer , Neena Kurup , Dalu Krishnadas ,Sindhu Joy


The Malayalee House house has witnessed temporary stays of many famous personalities. Names who appeared on the show as houseguests are listed below.
  • Ridhi - Executive producer Malayalee house
  • Sreekandan Nair (3rd week)
  • Kaviyoor Ponnamma (5th week)
  • Kids - Christy & Chelsa (Sojan's kids) , Soupranika & Suryanarayanan (Pradeep's kids) & Tarun and Varun (Sneha's kids)(6th week)
  • Soumini (wife of GS Pradeep) visits her husband on their 16th wedding anniversary;Code language was used between them.It was asked by GS to know the status of himself in MH.
  • Sandhya (8th week)
  • Sathyasheelan & Lekshmyamma (representatives of the viewers to check genuinity of Malayalayee House show)

Manipulation and Interference by Hosts[edit]

Contestants allowed contact with outside world[edit]

. Even though the 2nd title of Malayali house indicates there is no connection to the outerworld Pradeep's wife came into Malayali House on 19th June 2013. The episode shows G S Pradeep and his wife used a secret code to communicate with each other about the outside world and the viewer pulse[2]. And it is clear that the hosts of the show gave unfair advantages to Pradeep in the Malayalee house. Also Pradeep's kids Souparnika & Suryanarayanan; Sojan's kids Chelsa & Crisa ; Sneha's kids Varun & Tarun was in Malayali house on 6th week.

Eviction & Wildcard reentry of Santhosh Pandit[edit]

The hosts of the show decided to invite public poll for eviction of housemates from the 5th week onwards. But one of the housematesSanthosh Pandit, who was having the maximum audience support was allowed to evicted in the 4th week by the housemates. The audience of the show widely claim that this was a pre-planned move by hosts of the show, to evict Santhosh Pandit. The public support suggested that Santhosh is perhaps better off than some of the other participants who have been exposed through the show.[3] Later the makers of the show admitted that evicting Santhosh was a mistake.[4] The makers of the show surprised the audience and also the housemates by bring back Santhosh Pandit as a wildcard entry to house at the end of the 5th week in a dramatic way. Santhosh Pandit was introduced back, by lowering him from the top with the help of a crane.[2]

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